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The No.1 Pizza Concept

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We sold over 10,000 pizzas in Student Unions last year. Fact.

We’ve been working with Student Unions throughout the country for the last 10 years. We’ve designed a menu that is perfect for S.U. bars. It is simple enough to be operated by students, even if they are only working for 1 shift per week! It’s not a secret that students like pizza, however, with so much choice, students are discerning customers. Our pizzas tick the boxes though: they are heavily topped, good value and can be served very quickly (they cook in under 2 minutes!)

Our menu is more than pizzas though. We’ve got a full range of burgers and wraps which are perfect for a lunch or snacking menu.

The Student Union Package

Tailored to fit into the smallest of S.U. Kitchens

We’ve seen (many times...) that many student union bars weren’t built with a lot of thought for food in mind! This need no longer be a problem: all of our ovens work without the need for extraction allowing them to be positioned without constraints.

For S.U. bars we would recommend the STW-5. Wraps cook in 40 seconds, pizzas in 2 minutes and burgers in under 2 minutes. The STW-5 has over 300 programmable options allowing you to have a very varied menu. All ovens are fully programmed which gives your students consistently great food - and makes it easy for the staff to prepare. For busy student unions we would recommend 2 ovens: the good news is they are only 25" wide and can be stacked.

Suggested Package

The express package price

After a half day’s training you'll be ready to start

Here is a selection of our menu that is enduringly popular in Student Unions throughout the UK. The STW-5 Oven means you’ll be able to cook pizzas, burgers and wraps - all in under 4 minutes - keeping those queues moving. Typical menu including RRP:

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